Quite many of our fusible plugs are custom made based on customer requirements. It can be either product development for new application, or replacement of existing fusible plugs from other manufacturers (e.g. Voith, Globe, etc). Please note that fusible plug of custom design will have MOQ requirement.

Body Material

fusible plug boilerFusible plug body can be made with the following materials:

  • Brass, with options of Tin or Nickel plating
  • Stainless steel. The advantage is corrosion resistant and high mechanical strength
  • Bronze, mainly used for steam boilers
  • Aluminum. The advantage is light weight. Alu body is required for fusible plugs for aircraft wheel tires.

Mechanical Design

cus3Different thread types are popular in different areas and industrial segment. We are a global supplier and are familiar with the major thread specifications in the world: Metric, NPT, BSPP (G), BSPT (R), UNC, etc.

A major consideration for the plug body design is the ease of alloy soldering. First of all please let us know the idea of your design. Our creative technical team will work out a practical solution for manufacturing. A good example is the tiny fusible plugs we developed for portable oxygen bottles for a fortune 500 company in USA. The plugs are too small for manual soldering, while the maximum service pressure of the fusible plugs is up to 15MPa. We solve the manufacturing problem successfully by using high frequency oven. The customer is very satisfied. 

Other Fusible Solutions

 fusible linkBased on similar technologies, we can also supply other fusible product solutions (links, chains, valves) for fire detection or over temperature indication. Examples are the fusible link for fire sprinkler head and fusible valves for industrial blowers.

RoHS compliant

We have RoHS compliant (lead free) fusible alloys available. Please let us know if you require.