stainless steel fusible plug Fluid coupling (hydraulic coupling) is a safety component capable of protecting the motor and the machine from overtorque. Heat generated by the hydraulic coupling depends on the transmitted torque. In case of continuous application of an excessive torque, the coupling's temperature may exceed what can be tolerated by the oil, the seals and the bearings.

To prevent this, fusible plug must be installed. All installed, operation-ready couplings should be fitted with at least one fusible plug according to many national regulations. There are normally 2 to 3 plugs installed on each coupling.

We can design and manuafacure fusible plugs for all fluid coupling brands including Voith, Flender, Fuildomat, etc. 

Product Features

Fusible plugs for fluid coupings have many features in commons, which are easy to generalize.

  1. Almost all fusible plugs for fluid couplings have metric threads, from M8 to M36x1.5. The size of the fusible plug is related to the size of the fluid coupling. M18x1.5 thread is most popular. O-rings are required for sealing.
  2. The yield temperatures can be 110°C (coupling medium - water) and 140°C (coupling medium - oil). 160°C and 180°C are rarely seen. Some companies paint different colors on the fusible plugs to signify different yield temperature, e.g. yellow for 110°C, red for 140°C, green for 160°C, blue for 180°C.
  3. The plug body material can be stainless steel or brass. The appearance of fusible plugs from different manufacturers may look different. It reflects the preference of their major customers. As long as the thread and yield temperature fit, the fusible plugs can be exchanged. 

To avoid stop of your production line, please keep a safe stock for at least 6 months usage. The delivery time can be quite long if we run out of stock. It is not cost effective for us to arrange production for every small order. However we will support long time parters at all costs. Please contact us for a purchase plan now!