Fusible plugs are very niche products with very segmented applications. There lacks generally recognized international standard specially for fusible plugs. We can only find a few discrete sentences from some industrial standards where fusible plugs are included, e.g. refrigeration (UL207-2004), compressed air cylinder (ISO3807-2), steam boilers and compressed air applications (BS 1123:2006).

These standards specify two type of tests in common regarding fusible plugs: the yield temperature test and the hydrostatic test. Yield temperature test tells that whether the fusible plugs will operate at their designed temperatue. Hydrostatic test tells whether the fusible plugs can continuously withstand the normal process pressure without leackage.

We have all necessary test devices in house to check every aspect of the performance of our fusible plug. They are more convincing than any certificates from a third party. You can rest assured with the quality of every single product we deliver.

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