structure of fusible plugs

Fusible plug, occasionally also called safety plug, fuse plug, solder plug or melt fuse, is thermally operated non-reclosing pressure relief devices to function by the yielding or melting of the fusible alloys sintered in the plug body.

Fusible plugs only respond to over-temperature. Compared to other type of safety devices, they are simpler and require no maintenance. In the meantime they are very reliable if you buy from quality manufacturers like us.

As a safety component manufacturer, SINOMAS (Sino Material Technologies Limited) treats quality above anything else. This is not only what we say, but also what we do, in many aspects that you might not be aware of. We have the test facility in house, which makes every single product we deliver is qualified.

We have the technology to produce eutectic fusible alloys of different temperature by ourselves. Compared to those companies who buy fusible alloys from outside, we know how and we know why. We not only produce, we can also develop new products to match your applications.